IF 2013-10 Supporting Third Country Nationals' Integration through Enhancing their Awareness on the Maltese Legal and Social Contexts

'Supporting Third Country Nationals'​ Integration through Enhancing their Awareness on the Maltese Legal and Social Contexts' was a project aiming to address the needs of Third Country nationals arriving to Malta through non-asylum channels, as they often experience socio-economic integration challenges in various areas of public life, due to the limited availability of timely and relevant information on the legal framework for employment and stay in Malta, the societal context and services available to support immigrant integration.

IOM coordinated with local stakeholders to compile comprehensive and coordinated information provision in order to respond to the needs of newly arriving Third Country nationals in Malta and facilitate their integration in the country.

The following targeted activities were carried out within the framework of the project:

  1. Preparation of a comprehensive Trainers’ Manual which can be used by facilitators of civic orientation sessions and cultural mediators.
  2. The development and implementation of civic and occupational orientation sessions for Third Country Nationals in an attempt to complement the efforts of the Maltese authorities to facilitate the socio-economic integration of TCNs.
  3. Visibility and awareness raising activities were implemented to support the two-way integration processes.
  4. A final project conference was implemented in May 2015.

The project was co-financed by the European Integration Fund for Third Country Nationals (IF), the Ministry for Social Dialogue, Civil Liberties and Consumer Affairs and IOM.