European Fund for the Integration of Third Country Nationals


Work: A Tool for Inclusion or a Reason for Exclusion?

International Conference

18-19 April, 2013

Grand Hotel Excelsior Malta

Great Siege Road, Floriana

The event is a two-day international conference organized within the scope of the EU funded project on Integration of Third Country Nationals held in Malta on 18 – 19 April 2013.

The aim of the Conference is to present and discuss the research studies on different aspects of labour integration of Third Country Nationals that were conducted by a group of researchers from Spain, Italy and Malta.

Especially, the conference will focus on integration issues of Third Country Nationals residing in Malta and good practices from other EU Member states that can be recommended for further development within the Maltese context.

Research Paper 1: Pre-departure training programmes and cooperation with countries of origin, prepared by Ms. Gemma Pinyol Jimenez, TCA Strategic Consulting and Dr. Hector Cebolla – Boado, UNED and Juan March Institute, Spain

Research Paper 2: Combating discrimination in employment, including access to work and workplace discrimination, prepared by Mr. Robert Suban and Dr. David Zammit, University of Malta

Research Paper 3: Stakeholder cooperation on various levels of governance, prepared by Dr. Luca di Sciullo, IDOS Research Centre, Italy

The Speakers and Participants

Official Address

Mr. Jose Angel Oropeza

Director, Coordinating Office for the Mediterranean, Chief of Mission for Italy and Malta, Representative to the Holy See                                                                                

Hon. Dr. Helena Dalli,

Minister for Social Dialogue, Consumer Affairs and Civil Liberties, Malta  

Hon. Ms. Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca,  

Minister for Family and Social Solidarity, Malta  

Mr. Bernd Hemingway,

Director of the IOM Regional Office for the EEA, the EU and NATO in Brussels


Introduction to the project

Ms.Urska Cehner, Project Assistant, IOM Malta

Labour Market Integration of Immigrants in the EU: Key Trends and Policy Issues (findings of IOM LINET studies)

Ms. Anna Platonova, Regional Thematic Specialist, Labour Migration and Human Development, IOM Regional Office in Brussels


Presentation of Research Paper 1

Pre-departure training programmes and cooperation with countries of origin

Dr. Hector Cebolla Boado, Associate professor UNED, CEACS, Juan March Institute, Spain

Presentation of Research Paper 2

Combating discrimination in employment, including access to work and workplace discrimination

Mr. Robert Suban, University of Malta

Dr. David Zammit, University of Malta

Presentation of Research Paper 3

Stakeholder cooperation on various levels of governance

(Research paper conducted by IDOS-Caritas Italy) presented by Ms. Serena Matarese, Ministry of Labour and Social Policies, ITALY

An overview of the legal Migration Movement in Malta in recent years / a focus in Integration and work related issues 

Mr. Joseph MizziAdviser at the Citizenship and Expatriate s Affairs of Malta

ESF co-funded Project on Labour Integration of Third Country Nationals in Greece

Ms. Irene MasvoulaCommunication Officer, Ministry for Development, Competitiveness, Infrastructure, Transport and Networks, GREECE

Pathways to Work: Training Needs of Young Immigrants.

Ms. Saorlaith Ní Bhroin, Policy and Communications Officer, Immigrant Council of Ireland,IRELAND

Project ‘’ Mentoring for Migrants – the Austrian experience‘’

Ms. Margit Kreuzhuber, Delegate for Migration and Integration, Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, AUSTRIA

Programme “NETWORK IQ” on Integration through Training in Germany

Mr. Liam Patuzzi, Scientific Consultant, Development Agency for Vocational Education(ebb GmbH), GERMANY

Polish Integration Policy – principle and guidelines

Ms. Paulina Babis, Senior expert, Department of Social Assistance and Integration, Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, POLAND

Governmental Pilot Projects on Seasonal Employment of  Migrant Workers

Ms. Ksenia Naranovich, Head of the Board, Foundation for Development Beyond Borders (Fundacja Rozwoju Oprocz Granic), POLAND

The Flemish Career and Diversity Policy: Inclusive Approach and Targeted Actions.

Mr. Michiel Van de Voorde, Coordinator of the team Diversity and Corporate Social Responsibility, Flemish Administration – Department of Work and Social Economy, BELGIUM

Selection Processes of Temporary Employment Agencies and Issues of Discrimination within Labour Integration of Third Country Nationals in The Netherlands

Dr. Sinan Cankaya, Research Fellow, The Hague University of Applied Sciences, Department Citizenship & Diversity, The NETHERLANDS

Portuguese Government Measures Developed to Increase integration of Immigrants into the Labour Market

Mr. Bernardo Sousa, Director, High Commission for Immigration and Intercultural Dialogue(ACIDI), PORTUGAL

Labour Integration Aspect on Ethnic Entrepreneurship in Denmark

Ms Mette Sondergaard on Behalf of Mr. Muhsin Türkyilmaz, Chairman Council for Ethnic Minorities under the Ministry of Refugee, Immigration and Integration Affairs, DENMARK

Promoting employment of highly educated immigrant women in Finland

Ms. Marina Wetzer-Karlsson, Project Manager, Centre for Multicultural Expertise, Family Federation of Finland, FINLAND

Socio-Cultural Mediators NGO’ project on Labour integration of TCN’s in Czech republic

Ms. Eva Dohnalova, Methodological Expert, Community Centre Inbaze Civic, CZECH REPUBLIC

How stakeholders can help shape smart Labour migration policies ?– an example from Germany

Dr. Christal Morehouse, Senior Project Manager, Bertelsmann Foundation, GERMANY

Methodological Contributions to Sampling in Surveys on Foreign Migrants and Definition of Integration Indexes of Third Country Nationals

prof.dr. Gian Carlo Blangiardo, Professor of Demography, University of Milano – Bicocca / Foundation ISMU Milano, ITALY