Experts meeting

IF 2011 – 08: “Pan-European Conference – Work: A Tool for Inclusion or a Reason for Exclusion?”

Date: 6th November 2012, 9:00 – 16:00

Venue and Place: Le Meridien Hotel, Malta

Aim of the meeting: The purpose of the meeting was to bring together experts from Italy, Spain and Malta and to enhance the dialogue with the Maltese stakeholders on integration of TCNs through work. The important part was to present the first draft of each research papers within the priority areas of the project and to debate about the assessment questionnaires provided by the stakeholder priory to the meeting.


Presentation by Italian Expert Dr.Luca di Sciullo

Dr. di Sciullo presented some examples on the stakeholders’ cooperation in Italy and inter-department coordination. Further, he claimed the government should not be an actor but should guarantee the possibility for dialogue between TCNs and locals.

Presentation by Spanish Experts: Dr. Hector Cebolla and Ms. Gimma Pinyol

Bilateral Labour Agreements (BLAs) formalize each side’s commitment to ensure that migration takes place in accordance with agreed principles and procedures. BLAs are an important mechanism for inter-state cooperation. In his presentation, he stressed the need to develop pre-departure programs in more formal contexts (BLAs) and he specified the importance of Dialogue and cooperation with Countries of Origin.


Presentations  by Experts from Malta: Robert Suban and Dr. David Zammit

The main area of the research is asses the level of discrimination of TCNs at the work place and hence the objective of their study is to  Support Maltese stakeholders and Sharing knowledge and experience on TCN integration policies and  best practices developed and implemented in other EU countries. In their study they will consider practices that can be implemented locally and how.


With a total of 21 participants, including representatives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Department of Industrial and Employment relations, Major of Gzira Local Council, General workers union, Malta Police Association, Employment and Training Cooperation, University of Malta, Arab and Maltese community, FPD Funds and programmes division (OPM) the meeting brought together in dialogue and discussion experts from abroad and Maltese stakeholder. A welcome speech was presented by IOM Malta projects coordinator Eleonora Servino, followed by presentation by project assistant Urska Cehner, presenting an overview of the programme, project objectives and presentation on the experts.